Content = Confidence + Time

I want to write – I really do. I just got back from an amazing conference, Mom 2.0 Summit, where I met amazing writers, content creators and influencers. I see that and I want to do that. And then I do nothing. Why? Why do I not make time to stretch the creative muscle and put words down?

I have been thinking a lot about this lately and I think the first reason is this formula.

Content = Confidence + Time

Seems simple – right? If you want to create content, you need to make the time and you need to believe what your saying is worthwhile. If you are confident in you message and ability and you make the time, you create content.

So why do I fail?


I just spent three days meeting moms who blog. Moms with hundreds, thousands, hundred of thousands of followers and likes and shares. Single moms, moms who travel, moms with 6 kids, entrepreneur moms, so many moms. And it did inspire me, but it also shook my confidence. Because I don’t have thousands of followers. I’m not some major influencer – I’m just a dad who loves his kids and tries real hard.  And maybe that’s enough to write a blog now and then, but I am not sure it’s enough on which to focus my whole income making potential. So I don’t write. I skip weeks. I don’t try to think of subjects. How can I remind myself to have confidence in my ability to parent and write?

I think I need to take my own advice and get a blogging mentor or better leverage my community of fellow dad bloggers. Just like at work – if you want to get better, get a mentor. Just like being a new father – if you want to be better, get a mentor. I mean, I am all about development – not perfection. Thank God!


Many of you know, I work for a start in – a start up company inside a corporation. It’s nice because I have the stability of a corporate job with the freedom of a start up. But this also means every day I am doing something different to get our product – Treehouse Family Organizer and Treehouse Table – up and running. I’m writing Press Releases, responding to customers, helping with User Design, checking analytics, and so much more. I used to ramp up my leadership and development blogging when I was bored, when work was no longer a challenge. That is not the case these days. I’m busy and even when I’m not at work, I’m seeing customer comments, testing new app builds and wondering how to make it better. Couple that with grilling, yard work, house work, kids homework, sports and lessons, family dinners –  I just can’t find the time. Or better said, I have not been making the effort to find the time. 

I think I need to also take my own advice and block the time. Make it a priority, but do so in a way that doesn’t impact my family or my work. Family is first. But I want to find the time to write one piece minimum per week. I need to stop making excuses. I just need to do it – because that is what makes me better.

OK – so this was more a lesson for me – but I have a feeling this resonates with a lot of you out there. How many bloggers have a met that say – “Well, I’m revamping” or “I’m taking a reak to think about a new direction”. I’ve been there. And I share this lesson with you. Your content – whatever that means to you – is equal to your confidence plus your time. Make the time – use your tools to block out the time you need for you. And be confident in what you do. You need not be the best or greatest, only your best and your greatest. And whether 10 people read this silly little blog or 10,000, today – I found the confidence and time to put something out there.

Feedback is love. Tell me what you think. What do you do at home to enhance your family happiness? And please, share!

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  1. I hear you. It sounds like you have a plan and the will, I hope you can make yourself make it happen. Good luck.


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