5 Reasons I love Russell Athletics

*Russell was an official sponsor at the Dad 2.0 Summit 2017. Russell provided free athletic gear (Shirt, shorts and performance boxer briefs). They did not ask nor additionally compensate me for this piece. This is my own honest opinion. I have since purchased 6 additional Russell items.

I read a blog recently – really it was a glorified click bait list (because I love that stuff) – and it was like 37 things you’ll regret when you are older. It was a good read like, travel more, wear sunscreen, and know you are a beautiful.  I am beautiful. I know it.

One thing that really stood out to me was – Make your fitness a priority.

If I could go back, I would tell my college self – stop smoking – cause it’s gross. Stop drinking crap beer – cause it’s crap. Get your butt to a gym – cause you are turning into a lazy bastard.

I quit smoking, I drink good beer, and I hit the gym five days a week.

And I’m still overweight (see the beer comment).

The fact is, it’s hard to lose weight after 30 years of bad habits. But I do it. Even when I recently attended Dad 2.0 Summit – I hit the gym.  And one of the sponsors – truly one of my favorite sponsors – was Russell Athletics.  Let me tell you why.

  1. They showed up. I mean it – they showed up big time. They used a phenomenal experiential activation agency – brand ambassadors – AND they brought in a bunch of folks from their corporate office. People that know the story of Russell and the technology of Russell.  And man do they have passion for what they do. I believe they love their company – and that says a lot.  They gave us a ton of free gear and sponsored a run as one of the morning activities.C4WhStfVMAEQYj2 But what about this gear…
  2. The Technology is sweet! For the last 10 years, I have been working out in old Oklahoma holey Sooners t-shirts and whatever shorts my wife brings me. I mean- who cares? I’m at a corporate gym at my office, running, lifting, sweating – and not looking very awesome. I see the young guys in there performance stuff and that’s just not me. Russell never really crossed my mind. I just figured they were the sweats you get at Walmart – amiright? Until now. The Dri-Power 360 shirt is amazing. So are the shorts. But the best thing is the cool force boxer brief. If you aren’t working out in performance underwear – Start!
  3. They are affordable. I could say cheap – but the quality of the product is so good that the value is off the charts. Their stuff ain’t cheap. It’s affordable. We are talking $6- to $10 bucks for tees and $9 to $12 for shorts. Check it out! So don’t look like the bum in the gym! Plus stay comfortable while you are burning off the left-over nuggets you ate – we know you eat ALL the kids leftovers. Just own it.
  4. Dadlete Let’s face it – we are dads. Getting to the gym is more and more difficult, what with the work plus soccer plus basketball plus dance plus school plays plus chorus plus birthday parties plus wilderness scouts plus wilderness princesses plus getting dinner on the table plus bedtime…. I think you get it. Russell hit it right on the nose with the Dadlete campaign – dads have to be athletes when we can – like mowing the yard or playing with the kids. We need to be active in ways that enhance the family. It’s why I get up before anyone else and work out. It’s why I go on my lunch hour. So I don’t miss time with my family.  I am a dadlete and that really resonates – I want to be in shape so I don’t miss a minute with my family.
  1. Team on! They invest is High school sports. Good fitness habits are taught young. In a world full of YouTube, Netflix, tablets and phones – we need to remember to keep our kids active. The Team on campaign is moving, truly. This is a company who was built on team sports. They are they ones making quality apparel that not only makes teams proud to hit the field in their colors, it keeps them warmer – or cooler – but all around safer. The #settleyourscore pictures are breathtaking.  I want to support companies that support communities, kids, families and dads. And these guys are killing it.

I don’t endorse companies lightly. If one of your Individual Development Goals this year is about fitness – go hit Walmart or Russell.com and get some gear. Get fit and be proud of the Dad you are.

Feedback is love. Tell me what you think. What do you do at home to enhance your family happiness? And please, share!

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